There are mainly 4 kinds of activities that I do as an occupation.

Performer: Not only as a model, I also perform on a stage, in photography and in motion pictures.

Coach: As a life coach, I help others actualize their dreams.

Writer: I have published 7 books so far. And now I am writing for the 8th book.

Model & Beauty School “sen-se”: I am the owner of “sen-se”, which is a
school that helps various women in Japan feel beautiful and happy together
with my trusted instructors.

At the age of 19, I started my career as a show model for various
fashion shows, including Tokyo collection, bridal, kimono and hair
shows. And now, with the theme of “Walking as an Entertainment”, I
perform and dance in costume art shows, along with Japanese classical
dance (Buyo).

I am also a member of “multiplay”, which is a unit composed of various
performers, such as ballet dancers, models and calligraphers.

My job as a “life coach” is to derive potential capacities from my
clients, and find the best way to live their life, using my knowledge
and experience of Adlerian psychology, brain science, subconscious
mind and somatology.

I also apply this method to my school “sen-se”. And it has been known
as “Life-changing school”, not just as a school for beauty.

With a belief that the mind and the body are connected and affect each
other, I sometimes adopt posture/walking lessons in my session.

I hold a seminar called “Yumekana Seminar” in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya
for actualizing life dreams. In fact, many have made their dreams come

I also educate and foster life coaches so that more people will be
able to actualize their dreams, and that our society will become a
better place.

I publish many books about beauty and happiness for women.
I offer numerous ways of thinking on how to get the ultimate beauty
and shine as a woman.

「キレイになり続ける人 ブサイクが止まらない人」
“KIREI ni naritudukeruhito BUSAIKU ga tomaranai hito”

“kousite anataha BIJIN to yobareru”

“35sai karano OTONABIJIN no gokui”

「ますますキレイになる人 どんどんブサイクになる人」
“masumasu KIREI ni naruhito dondon BUSAIKU ni naruhito”

“bijin yousei gakko 48 no oshie”

“mitame nenrei 25sai ninaru mahou”

Model & Beauty School “sen-se” is a school where we teach and produce
beauty and happiness for women.
And I have been the owner and the representative for 12 years.

We have 5 schools in Japan with about 300 existing students. Total
graduates are now over 10,000. It has been known as “Life-changing
school”, and we have received many media coverage.
Among 20 courses, the most popular one is “Walking”. We call it “Smile
Walking” and encourage students to walk with smile and feel healthy.

In order to get this “smile”, I invented an original method of facial
exercise. It is a combination of 5 different exercises, and is
effective for anti-aging. This method has also received many media

Every year, I supervise a magazine, called Zexy, for wedding manners
as a bridal instructor.

My lessons include the following:
Walking, Posing, Mode of behavior, Facial exercise, Dieting, Table
manner, Coaching, Fashion, Bridal, Audition&Contest, Relationship
seminars, and more.